Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everyday Happenings

My kids love legos.  They come by it honestly--so do their parents. We love our sandbox and outdoor play set.  Still working on keeping the sand in the box...and not throwing it. We had fun at ZekeZeke's 3rd Mickey Mouse birthday party.  This kid is all boy--and we love it.
A smile! 

I often have to stop Micah from following ZekeZeke's family home from church--he loves them. My kids were all about the food.  Especially the chocolate cake.

The main highway we have to drive to get to pretty much any major store is undergoing construction at two intervals.  That often equates to twenty minutes of waiting.  Our 40 minute drive to Wal*Mart (the closest of major stores) has now often become 60.  "Be joyful in all circumstances..." After instragraming above picture my friend Lynne texts me a pic of her sporting the matching circle scarf I made her the same day.  Twinsies...14 hours apart.
Daddy's glasses randomly broke (beyond repair) so we took a quick trip to the mall to pick out a new pair.  Keeping three kids happy while picking out new glasses and ordering them takes serious skills.  One important element: keep all three strapped down in strollers/baby carriers.  LeapPad helps, too.  It's almost as entertaining as making the other customers laugh with silly faces.
The new glasses...basically the same as the old, new brand, new blue stripe. Keeping mr. wiggleworm happy + quite during church is becoming quite the experience.  Self-portraits help...for about 35 seconds.   

Right now our church doesn't have nursery workers on Sundays.  For a long time that has been a struggle for me.  However I have come to be truly grateful that Korban and I have the Sunday School hour at home.  He naps (which makes him happier for the church service) and I spend time quieting my heart to worship and then listen to a podcast sermon.  I love this guaranteed hour of peace within my own home.  This hour to sit and worship alone.  While I look forward to joining a Sunday School class again one day, I'm content with this season God has me in right now.  Please don't take this and turn it into a personal excuse to skip Sunday School if child care is available for you.  Instead, I pray you find it as a challenge to rejoice in *whatever* circumstances or season you find yourself in right now.

Mom + Korban ready to head to church. I'm a sucker for a little guy in a bow tie.   

Micah's obsession with cars continues. Crazy hair boy!  I love my long haired boy.  He's actually going for his first professional hair cut this Friday morning with Daddy.  We're not planning to cut much, I just struggle to get him to sit still well enough to even the cuts out.  I'm sure the hairdresser will be quicker and more skilled then mommy.  I have to admit I'm a little nervous she'll cut too much.  But, it's hair.  It grows back.

These two are so very adorable together.  Lots and lots of fights and tears, but the many smiles + times of laughter totally make up for it. 
Korban swinging.  So we probably have fifty pictures of this kid smiling in his swing.  Can we help that he loves it so?  And that he's so incredibly photogenic, especially when smiling in said swing? Addie came over to play and Ivory immediately did her nails.  I was so proud of Ivory's willingness to immediately share her special nails with her friend.
Micah sporting the earrings from pretty pretty princess: Addie showing off the pretty pretty princess crown.  She also brought us a nice shiny diamond.  Grandma's diamond to be exact.  As in her wedding ring diamond.   Yes, somehow it had been stashed in the Pretty Pretty Princess game.  Thank you for finding it, Addie!! Gotta love painted toes.  Enjoying the barefoot feel before our 2 weeks of Florida winter. 
Pa + Grandma headed to Arkansas for Pa's extended fishing trip.  We asked them to meet us in Marianna for breakfast on their way.  We safely delivered Grandma's wedding ring and they gave us bags of their groceries that would go bad if left behind.  Score! 

While waiting for them to arrive Ivory + Micah made friends with another grandpa at McDonald's.  My kids are not lacking in the friendliness toward strangers department.  Well, as long as Mom or Dad is present, they understand the safety rules.  Especially Ivory who repeats them to me often.  They would make amazing greeters.

We enjoyed our visit with Pa + Grandma--but it was too short.  Ivory fell to pieces when we had to say goodbye.

A visit to our local park.  We are blessed with two beautiful parks in our town.  The huge shady oak  trees, ponds, grass, and play equipment is great at both.  They also have great walking paths for exercising. 
Korban swinging...again.  At least this one is a different color/style?   Micah's car obsession is rubbing off on baby.
Mommy + Korban spending time together while brother + sister run and play.  He's so ready to join them.

Won't be long, buddy.  Don't grow too fast!

Korban enjoyed his first sliding experience. 

My kids love the park, but their absolute favorite is the water.  The next trip should probably involve rubber boots so they can venture a little farther out. 
Korban is still quite the little eater.  He loves to eat a lot, but is growing pickier in what he wants to eat.  He is my first to like avocado, though.

He loves splashing in the water!  We're working on not standing in the tub, though...
He loves snuggling a blanket when he goes to sleep.  When we lay him down he heads straight to the blanket and wraps his little arm around it and fingers it.  All of mine love their blankets, particularly crochet blankets. 

Introducing daddy to pretty pretty princess:
It takes a real man to joyfully play pretty pretty princess with his little princess. 
Ivory practicing her letters with chalk.  I love that she often does this on her own initiative. 
Organic learning at its best. Excited shouting: "Mom my first B!  My first B!"  Love these little moments. Ivory has been needing extra attention lately.  She has been battling fear and struggles a lot when Mom or Dad leaves the house.  I was getting ready to go out for dessert with some friends so I told Ivory we would do something special together first.  Make-up?  Oh yes!  She was very excited to share her make-up with me and vice-versa. 

I've learned that when you're four the brighter the better and the "natural" look is just no fun.  So when she asks for one pink eye and one purple eye the answer is, "Of course!"  Clown cheeks?  They're my specialty.
Ivory has been scared to go to sleep at night and especially for nap time.  At night we've just been working through it with a variety of methods.  During the day, as long as the boys are sleeping, I just lay down with her, at least until she falls asleep.  She falls asleep with minutes still holding my hand.  So vulnerable.  So pitiful.  So precious.  My little sleeping beauty.

We've also been praying about this and working on Joshua 1:9: "Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous?  Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."  Praise God we have slowly seen her fear dissipating.  God hears His children's cries.

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