Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Friend Addie

The princesses have enjoyed some play dates the past few weeks. And one day we snagged Addie and just us girls, Addie, Ivory + Mom went to on some adventures.

We were headed for a local park, but as we pulled into Addie's drive the skies opened.

So we headed to the Library first, but I didn't realize our Library is closed on Wedensdays. Who knew? Small town joys...

When it slowed to a drizzle we headed for the river.  The rain stopped by the time we arrived so we enjoyed throwing sticks + leaves in the water.
Then the girls spied this very wet, very dirty, highly unused playground by the river.  And they really watned to play on it. 

How could I resist those sweet little faces?

I guess that's what baths are for.  Can't let some dirt, rain + spider webs stop us.

When the fun wore off we headed to the 5th Wheel to play + eat popsicles + gummies.  That fun lasted oh, a good five minutes?  Have I mentioned that today the girls decided arguing about *everything* would be entertaining.  So Mom played referee.  Love these silly, though sometimes exhausting girls. 
To finish up the fun we headed to Subway for some pizza! 

So glad we can soak up some time with Addie.  Especially glad because soon Addie and her family will be moving back to Illinois.  Words can't express how much we will miss them.  But, I'm not ready to blog about those emotions--that will be saved for another time.  For now, we are just focusing on making some more good memories with our dear friends.  We love you, Addie!

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