Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Girl

I gave our little girl a list of fun things to do for her birthday.  Her top pick?  First trip to the movie theater with popcorn, candy, coke, and all of her family there. 

We planned for the big day...and then brother was up half the night sick.  The next morning I told her I was sorry we couldn't go because Micah man was sick.  Her reply, "It's okay Mom, we'll just do it another day."  Guess she really is growing up! 

Instead I went grocery shopping and took Ivory along with me.  I bought the birthday girl a princess balloon for her super good attitude.  Two weeks later it's still going strong.  Impressive.  The birthday girl's cuteness also scored her some stickers at Winn Dixie.

We finished off our grocery excursion with a stop at Chik-fil-a.
But not before we stocked up on candy for our movie theater birthday trip. And here's the birthday girl on her big day. 
Chocolate chip pancakes, lots of bacon, the birthday banner + a few presents to start the day off right.
Two zipper bags from Mom + a princess blanket from Pa + Grandma. Korban, our party animal.
Ivory's friend Izzie has a birthday 3 days before Ivory so her party this year was on Ivory's actual birthday...confusing for Ivory, but fun.  Such cute blondies!
Izzie has a great mini park in her backyard. Ivory Izzie + her mom were so sweet to have a special cupcake plate for Ivory, too and had everyone sing to her, as well.  So thoughtful + special. At Izzie's party we had our first experience with a pinata.
Pinata line! The great candy scramble Later that day Ivory requested a trip to the park with Cassie--bonus MikeMike + Bobo came, too!
Then, the big day finally came--we headed out (only a few days late) to see Ice Age 4.

On our way!
Our car conversation en route:
Tickets + coke + popcorn + candy CHECK! Ready for the movie to begin!
We had the ENTIRE theater room to ourselves.  Which is especially great when you have an active 2-year-old boy + a squirmy-trying-to-stay-awake-slightly-fussy-but-overall-good 10-month-old.  We had a lot of fun and afterward we took the birthday girl to Target to spend her $5 birthday money she received in a card. 

Ivory has truly become a delightfuly, polite, fun, creative, intelligent, hilarious little girl.  She keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing.  I love watching her grow in the Lord and in grace and beauty.  I'm so grateful that four years ago God saw fit to bless us with her precious little life.  We love you baby girl, Happy birthday.

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