Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's on Your Phone?

 Ivory sharing her precious blue blankie & bear.
 Napping with Mr. Arlin + dog.

 Zeke Zeke chillin at the park.
 Micah + Aunt Mel
 Ivory enjoying a beautiful sunset at the local park.
 Caleb + Ivory at local park
 Ivory + J + Caleb
 Ivory digging in the sand...that's full of ants.
 Ivory + Caleb swinging at sunset.
 Ivory entertained for well over an hour in the sink.
 I looked down at my scrabble letters to see this.  Didn't plan it at all.  Guess I'm missing a certain somebody.  Come home already,girl!
 Scrabble date night at McDonald's.
 Ivory making a sad face to send to Mr. Jamey telling him she's sad he doesn't feel good.
 Not wanting to be photographed anymore...
 Tore up about Mr. Jamey's recent boo-boos incurred from gallbladder surgery. She's been praying for him and recently made him banana muffins even decorating the ziploc bag  with smiley faces and beautiful drawings.

 Micah chillin' while big sister watches Sesame Street video clips.

Ivory enjoying the homecoming parade with Halley. Her "Eeya" (Aliya) is riding by in the car.
(and yes, I just recently learned which way to turn my phone so the videos are the correct orientation on the computer)

 Not sure what to think about Mommy pouring cold water on her head.
 The "Po Po" and fire trucks were by her favorite part of the parade.
 I was pleasantly surprised by how well she obeyed (unlike the rest of this week) when I told her to stay sitting & not to run out in the road after the candy.  Of course, she's no fool, the kids just brought it to her.  Perfecting her older sibling enslavement role, I suppose.
I enjoy living in a small town where the parade goes down the main road and my child personally knows a lot of the people in the parade.

What's on your phone?

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