Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview with a Toddler

favorite color: done. no. i'm tired.
favorite drink: want mooooothie.  that smiley face!  make a chin.
favorite song: done.  something. want something.
favorite food(s): blueberries.  mommy own coffee!  coffee n there?
where do you like to go? done! hurts.
do you like to take naps? k.  want naps!  i WANT naps!!
what movie do you like to watch? ummmm. watch our God? wanna watch our God!
what do you like to do with mommy?  done.  DOOOONE!  done with questions.  want buttons, want buttons, want buttons.
what do you like to watch on the computer?  watchin elmo green.
what clothes do you like to wear?  no. NO!  done.  close eyes.

I'm guessing we'll have to try this when she's feeling a little more cooperative...

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