Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday "Fun"

Last Friday was filled with the fun of a still-sick-4-month-old and a trip the doctor.  We wanted to check before the weekend as to whether or not the antibiotics were really working.  After a frustrating fiasco of over 4 hours of trying to actually talk with someone in the doctor's office, we took off to the doctor's office to squeeze in as the last appointment of the day.

God bless Mrs. Robin for letting Ivory nap at her house and for watching her when she woke so I only had to take one kid and my husband joined me!  I was exhuasted after wrestling him (sick) and Ivory (fussy + jealous) and appreciated him driving me the hour to the doctor's office and the hour back.  Micah was actually a little angel the whole time, sleeping in the car and smiling in the office.  But, isn't that how it always goes?  Actually, Mrs. Patti had reccommended using tylenol and that worked like magic.  Sometimes I forget the simplest of things...by the time I'm finished having kids I think my entire brain will be consumed by...empty space?

He stared in awe at the Physician's Assistant--like his cousin, Carter, he knows a pretty girl when he sees one!

Loving the fun, bright, art work on the waiting room walls.  Ivory finds it highly entertaining and Mom finds that educational + wonderful.

Turns out it was a wasted trip.  The antibiotics are working and he's on the mend--he's just not 100% yet.  He still isn't.  Last night was another rough night!  So much for my newly attained energy yesterday. I thought a new page was turning...ha, think again.  Oh well, we'll worship God and praise Him because He has a plan.  And I am very grateful that my little man doesn't have to go on stronger medication and his infection is getting better!  Definitely something to rejoice about.  He's eating SO MUCH BETTER while on the tylenol.  Poor guy, his ear was hurting too much to such before.  It's so wonderful to go back to pleasant feeding sessions rather then screaming sessions.  Another praise for sure.  Now, here's to hoping my little girl stops fussing + my little man feels better today!  Either way, I'm setting my heart to worship God for who He is.

Oh, did I mention Ivory received her first "strong" discipline from her beloved Bobo during this visit?  Apparently Ivory decided their blue carpet needed some creative touches...and decided to do so with a purple crayon.  Mrs. Robin, of course, handled the situation with love and grace, but I'm grateful there was discipline that took place--even if it did crush Ivory...for all of 65 seconds.  She was so scarred she was begging to return to Bobo's withing 36 hours and crying when she couldn't stay.  Ivory did help scrub the carpet and all traces have been removed.  I am grateful for people who are loving and patient toward my child as well as willing to teach her what they need to learn in life.

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