Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outside Water Play

We *love* our new swingset.  We decided to make it extra exciting by adding the best ingredient: water!

As you can see the anticipation is quite thrilling. Ivory + Micah = mischevious...especially when together The water did make the slide a awfully fast. Ivory convinced Mommy to join the water fun.  Well, it didn't take much convincing--it looked too fun to miss!
Micah wasn't too sure about being muddy, "Mess!  Mess!" Ivory loves making silly faces for the camera with Mommy. And if Ivory loves it then Micah is certain it must be fun. Micah adores his rake. When the hose becamse dull we switched to sprinkler play. And when that excitement wore off we moved on to dirty water buckets.  Mud = coffee + chocolate milk
Korban took it all in with reserved excitement. 
Such a fun day!  Thank you God for the gift of our swingset + water and thank you daddy for putting it together.

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