Friday, May 25, 2012


Last Sunday, May 13th, Mother's Day, we publicly dedicated Korban to the Lord.  Korban means offering to God.  Since we first knew of His conception we dedicated Him to the Lord, this ceremony was simply making our offering public.  We are honored to be trustees of this precious little man.

We are grateful that MikeMike has been there to lead in the baby dedications for all three of our children. 
The kids are definitely a little squirmy and it's a little crazy having them with us, but I want them to be a part of the dedication ceremony.  I want them to know that we are God's--our whole family.  He comes first and foremost in our lives.

I enjoyed having my children sitting with me during the church service on Mother's day...even if it was exhausting--and that's with four other adults to help!  We have definitely not mastered excellent behavior during church service--it's a work in progress. 

I did manage to win a Mother's day rose.  It's a joke between my husband and I.  I absolutely love winning the Mother's day rose.  I won it two years in a row for having the youngest baby and would have last year but we were out of town.  And yes, I have forgiven Jason for taking me out of town and making me miss it...[wink].  This year there was a baby younger then Korban so I thought I'd lost...but then there was a three-way tie for most children with us at church.  I guess I'd never win if the Duggar's were members of our church.  Hooray for winning the Mother's day rose!  Don't worry I'm not really that emotionally attached, it's more a fun joke.  I'd gladly hand it over to another mother if it means more moms + babies in our church!

I'm so glad that Uncle Matt could make it for the service + my parents could, too.  Two years ago my mother and I spent Mother's day in anxious anticipation of Micah's arrival.  I feel so blessed to have spent Mother's day with my mom again this year.  I couldn't ask for a better example.  Mom, you are truly incredible--the best mom a girl could hope for.  I love and appreciate you + hope to be an awesome mom just like you.
My children were super excited to give me their wrapped packages of painted hand print tulip hand towels made in church class.  We have such great preschool teachers.  I was also blessed by flowers + my family surrounding me.

The Perfume

This is a story that must be recorded for my little Ivory to read when she celebrates her first mother's day.

Ivory LOVES going to the dollar store with her grandparents.  Since there really aren't very many options in our little town she gets to visit there often when they come into town.  Grandma took Ivory to the dollar store on Mother's day to buy mommy a gift.  Ivory loves wearing Mommy's perfume + body spray.  Sweet little girl found a gift set of perfume + lotion in pink bottles.  Remember, we're talking dollar store fragrance.  High class.  You guessed it, it smells awful.  At first I'm just swept away by how sweet + thoughtful her little gift is.  Then the reality of the gift settles in.  Ivory will ask me to wear this--Every Day.  She will ask to wear it--Every Day.  I will get to smell it--Every Day.  Oh the gift that keeps on giving...ugh.  What will I do? 

No, I'm not the sweet sacrifical Mom that will joyfully wear + smell a terrible fragrance daily. 

What will I do??

Jason has a brilliant idea.  What if we keep the bottle and replace it with different perfume?  The lotion doesn't smell that strong so it's okay left as is.  Brilliance.  With a few tools, care + precision by my handyman (who knew the bottle would be so tricky to open + reseal?!), and some Victoria Secret PINK I already have on hand that will appear exactly the same I am rescued from my smelly dilemma.

Now my sweet little girl + I can enjoy our pink perfume every day.  And Mom won't gag.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

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