Friday, May 11, 2012

My New Friend

An unfortunate event led some old college friends to our town for the day.  While we were sad for the event we were happy to see our friends and their cute kiddos.  We even got to watch them for a few hours--so fun.

Lottie = 18 months: Very sweet, quiet + fast, this one.  Korban loved watching all the excitement.  Princess Eva + Princess Ivory were like two peas in a pod and became immediate friends.  Eva kept referring to Ivory as, "My new friend."  So cute.    Dressing up, digging in dirt, running, swinging, climbing, tricycling, berry picking, etc.  So much fun. While I love kiddos I was slightly overwhemled by an afternoon of five children 3 and under so I roped in sweet Lyndsey to help me for a few hours.  While the kids were super good her help was invaluable! Snacks were also a favorite.  What a cutie, right?
We just hate they live so far away and were sad to say goodbye.  Hopefully it won't be too long before the "new friends" can play again!

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