Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Fun

Fun with paint:

Ivory picked out all her own paint...not that you can tell...

Then we headed to an outdoor shopping mall.

Where it was entirely too hot for any measure of comfort.

7 months prego or not.

Even the kids acted lethargic.

It was still good to get out of the house with the kids and to enjoy some super greasy Five Guys.

We sampled some flavored popcorns (rainbow was Ivory's favorite flavor pick),

visited the candy shop (both shops in search of pink & blue specialty items for a certain little someones coming birthday), all the while drinking lots of water trying to keep up with the sweat pouring out...lovely picture, I know.

Micah was dazed and exhuasted by the time we escaped the heat in our car.

Within minutes he was out.

Both my kids love crochet blankets. They each have two favorites. Ivory's favorites: pink & blue, her favorite of the two being blue blankie. Micah's favorites: yellow & white. His favorite probably being the yellow one, but he does like both quite a bit. When we lay him in the crib he immediately crawls for this blankie and lays his head on it like a pillow. He also likes pulling his blankie(s) out of the crib and walking around the house with one. He enjoys snagging big sister's when he's feeling brave enough to risk her wrath.

After entirely too short a nap time (the kids didn't really want to nap) we had a visit from our friend Addie. After enjoying some tacos and homemade tortilla chips (using this recipe) we headed to the gym for some game time.  The kids had such a good time playing in the gym together!  Each time the kids get together it seems like they get along better and better and it becomes sweeter to watch them play and laugh together.  One point all three of them were laughing together and it was precious.

Ivory trying out Ivory's Barbie jeep. She was minimally impressed and preferred to chase the jeep & cheer for Ivory while she drove.

Ivory trying out Micah's new ride we received as a generous gift from some church members--thank you!

It's really quite adorable.

Micah was not too sure about all those machines being driven by toddlers...he stayed close to Mommy for quite some time.

And fell apart if Mommy walked too far away.

He cried when I put him in the jeep with sister, but was happy once it was going.

As long as she didn't stop

and Mom stayed close.

So we decided to try out his new ride. He wasn't very impressed at first.

The horn beeps, the blinkers flash & beep, it plays sweet tunes, and it's not too fast.

Jason's Uncle Joe would be proud.

Once he was actually moving he loved it. As long as we didn't stop. But Mom did get tired of bending over to push the foot pedal since he couldn't quite figure out how to apply enough pressure.

The girls made up all sorts of creative games with hula hoops, rubber mats, balls, a small bean bag (which Addie used as a pillow--so cute), and foam noodles & noodle pieces. The blur you see is Addie running/jumping from hoop to hoop.

A unique game of "jump rope."

Micah only slept about 40 minutes today (he usually sleeps closer to 3-4hrs of nap time) so he was rather tired and clingy in the if you hadn't noticed from the above pictures.

Micah normally loves running all over the gym, chasing balls, and interacting with other kids. But, tonight I enjoyed lots of snuggle time and he enjoyed watching along with a little play time.

He did eventually play some with a ball Addie brought to him (she loves Micah and loves bringing him things).

And when he saw his sister stacking small foam noodles to make a castle he was immediately fascinated. I expected him to start knocking down her castle but he came over and started helping her stack them.

He adored stacking and re-stacking, stacking and re-stacking...

All that playing wore the kids out nicely.

Ivory and Addie enjoyed some drinks & Cinderella II together quite calmly...for a little while before they started wrestling and playing on the couch until Ivory fell on her head. Good thing she's hardheaded.

Addie is a sweet girl and we enjoyed having her for a few hours.

We'll have to do it again soon.  Now to go crash after one long Saturday so my energy is renewed in time for church tomorrow!

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