Saturday, July 9, 2011


Still a definite favorite of both our kids--sticks. I finally made a "no sticks in the house" rule, which leads to our stick pile by the front door.

Ivory still loves chalk, but is fascinated with it for much shorter time frames. Micah just likes carrying it around.

Ivory's, "favorite color shoes"--she *loves* these shoes and wears them constantly. I have to convince her not to wear them to bed!

And Micah, well, he loves just about all food and he adores eating. He's becoming quite a little chunker! We're loving the fresh produce people give us and Jason grows--thanks Brother Travis for the delicious corn! Ivory loves helping husk the corn.

There are many other favorites around here, among which are Ivory's favorite colors pink and blue, too many people to name, gummies, snacks, warm milk, and more. I think you can guess my favorites!

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