Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Success

Tried again to visit the beach this week: SUCCESS!! Loved it so much we returned for a second visit 2 days later.

Monday's trip we brought our friend Grace and met Dad & the teenagers at the beach.

Wednesday's trip we brough our friend Joni with us and I actually took some pictures of the kids on the beach! Yes, finally remembering my camera again.

So humid.

Using our tent we got at Christmas. It's wonderful!

The water is gorgeous right now--so clear and perfect for the kids to play in. We saw lots of fish, mullet jumping, and dolphins! Glad the sharks decided to stay hidden...

Ivory loving some shell finds

Micah acting like a dog in the sand

Unimpressed that Mom wants a picture

Such gorgeous weather for the beach--so grateful we've been able to enjoy it twice this week! We might just have to go back for more!

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Melissa said...

Glad you guys made it! Addie and I went for a little bit today, too. Decided last minute to go, so we only stayed about an hour. So nice to have had the breeze, I was afraid it was going to be super hot!