Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

I want to begin by thanking those who have fought and are fighting so hard to protect the freedoms we enjoy. And today we rejoice in the freedom found in Christ Jesus.

We were blessed with a delightful day as a family. This morning Micah & I enjoyed a refreshing nap then we spent a gorgeous afternoon at the beach. The kids came home and took a nap while Jason grilled us some steaks and I made up the delish side dishes. Steaks--such a treat! We finished up in time to head to the local fireworks display.

I made the kids matching 4th of July shorts/skirt for the occasion. Micah also has a matching bow tie he wore to Sunday church. I wanted something subtle enough they could wear it after the 4th as well.

Micah wasn't too sure about the picture and would much rather run to Dad.

Our little lady.

We enjoyed some swinging and playing pre-fireworks show.

And a greased pig chase...poor pig!

Ivory cheered for the pig the whole time, "Go pig, go pig, go pig! The pig is SAD, all the kids went away, he doesn't have any friends now! Come here pig, come here." For some reason I don't think the pig was definitely not sad when the pig finally had a break from screaming, chasing children...

Ivory was also very excited to run into Lyndsey, Kane, Mrs. Donna & Mr. Buddy.

Micah was also fascinated by the pig chase.

And, of course, we enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display. I love our little towns fireworks display. We get to sit really close, it's beautiful and just the right length. It was extra special with our friends MikeMike & family and Addie & family. Grateful for our freedom, family, and friends.

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