Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bulldogs

Friday night we went and visisted with our friends at the football game as we watched their son, Drew, play his heart out. The team did did great, winning by...oh wait, we left before we could see the score, and no I don't remember what the paper said. Kids will do a number on your memory that's for sure. I do remember that it was great to see them again and Ivory has a new love:: football. She loves the lights, cheering, tackles, people, band, etc. She was so excited she could hardly wait to get out of the car when we arrived.


Micah enjoyed some snuggles from Mrs. Patti (my friend who comes as my doula during labor). I think after having 5 boys of her own she's pretty skilled in the little boys department.

No, it wasn't really that cold, Micah just gets cold easily and likes being very warm and snuggled up.

And who doesn't want an excuse to put this precious little fur cap on little man?

Good playing Drew, and good job as ball boy, Dillon! We enjoyed visisting with this precious family, they're such an encouragement to me. And so very generous toward us and to others. Mr. David actually gave me my first job offer in college. I arrived at college and was offered a job at the Chracter Council of Florida within my first week. Their office is actually housed within his business office. He was an amazing, generous, flexible boss who I'm honored to have worked for during that first year of college. Their family also took me in as their own, feeding me many a meal...when I arrived the kids would ask if I came to eat...that's how often. =) And no, I didn't just go to eat...though I could have, Mrs. Patti's a great cook! She even made sure I was always sent home with leftovers.

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