Sunday, November 21, 2010

Park Day

To get some relief from our sick ward last week Micah, Ivory & Mommy went for a walk & a visit to the park. Ivory was such a big girl going up the stairs & down the slide "all by self!"

Park = happy girl

See my tiny little girl on those BIG stairs by the TALL slide?

Coming down the slide "all by self!"

So happy & proud of herself.

Mommy was pretty happy & proud, too!

Even Micah was proud. See his pitiful little eyes? He felt so sick, but still had smiles for us.

Mommy & Ivory going down the "fast slide" together.

After enjoying some sliding we did some swinging.

Micah's firs ttime in the big boy swing.

Overalls taste good, in case you were wondering.

Happy girl!

Sister-brother lovin!

I love my little sickies! =)

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