Friday, November 19, 2010

Life's Funny Moments

Wednesday, 11AM

Silence, grunting noises.
Mom: "Ivory, are you going poo-poo?"
Ivory: "No!"

A few minutes go by...
Ivory: "All done poo-poo!"
Potty training grows closer each day.  (this was typed several weeks ago...Ivory has actually gone potty of her own accord several times a day every day this week!!)

Ivory: "I'll be back. I go check on Micah. I'll be back soon."
Not getting significant enough attention, "Weee Ann? Wee Ann?"
Ivory: "Watcha doin?"
Mom: "Whatcha doin?"
Ivory: "I doin good! I wanna go bye-bye! See you tomorrow! I'll be back soon."
Mom: "Where you going?"
Ivory: "I gonna buy some brownies. See you later!"

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