Friday, February 10, 2012

Shoe Love

Shoes.  I've always loved them.  Ask my family.  I always had the largest shoe selection.  Now I was no big spender with shoes--I can probably count on one hand the shoes that I spent more then $30.  In fact, I've always prided myself on the pair of black mary jane heels that I bought for 69cents.  I love to repurpose shoes.  I love shoes in all different colors, styles and patterns.  Of course, now that I'm home most days all day I rarely have need for a variety of shoes.  But, I'm still a sucker and will succumb to the temptation at times to buy unnecessary "fun" shoes if the price is right.  For Christmas my husband + daughter treated me to a special pair of red heels.  When debating between red heels or silver ruffled ones the deal was sealed with the red pair when my husband referred to them as "all dressed up and ready to go out sexy shoes."

No, they're not super sexy stilletos, though I was extremely (still am) tempted by a pair of black ones, but for this baby toting momma, they're pretty sassy.  And the comfort + stability factor makes them that much better.  I can even comfortably grocery shop in these snappy heels.

I've passed on my affinity for shoes to my daughter.  She loves to wear shoes.  All day long.  Even if we're just at home.  Her current favorite pair?  Her "stepping on toes shoes."  They have a small heel and I suppose they make her feel that much more like a prissy princess.  If only she could put them on + take them off herself.  Oh how we hate to put them on. every day.  several times a day. 
I'm often tempted to hide these shoes.  Especially after she steps on bare toes.  But, I realize that decision would be a selfish one.  She loves them so much.  And being a mom isn't about my comfort after all.  One day I'll wish I could put those little white stepping-on-toes-shoes just one.more.time.

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