Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blossoming Friendship

Last Wednesday we enjoyed a visit from our friend Addie while her parents went on a Valentines date.  Love this picture of the girls all dressed up ready for the ball and holding hands so sweetly.  These are two sweet, spunky girls.   
I'm normally of the opinion that throwing an extra kid or two in for a play date or babysitting every once in a while is not that big of a deal and only a little more work.  Well, on this day I realized that it's possibly even moving into the *easier* range.  As in, they actually play happily together by themselves.  Wow.  They sure grow up fast--and ususally that makes me sad--but this makes me oh so happy.

And they didn't even wreak too much havoc on our little home!  It was fun to see Addie joining in with Ivory's imaginative play as they searched for gold beads, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds and brought them to me by the handful.  We're grateful for our friendship with Addie + her parents.

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sheila said...

I so love watching your posts, you are so down to earth. thank you for all your posts