Saturday, February 11, 2012

Self-Portraits + Outdoor Play

So, taking pictures of just myself feels awkward.  Posting pictures of just myself feels twice as awkward.  But, I figure since this is to chronicle our life, and I'm in it, there should be a few.  I got a haircut which included a few inches off and some new bangs.  I'm loving this feather thing.  Not all and I'm picky, but I love them.  I love kids.  I love how they break the awkardness by jumping in at just the right time. So of course we had to get some Ivory + Mommy love pictures. Then Micah joined the fun...for one picture. Korban happily chilled in the sun on a blue blanket in all his cuteness.  Of ocurse, he let us know when the fun was over...
Then we all played in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine and gentle breezes.
I'm so grateful for Florida sunshine in February.

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