Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plans Change

And so last week and this week have proven this.  A big family reunion was in the works on my side of the family last week.  Which included my sister and her crew driving all the way from Canada.  Something that only happens once a year.  Something I look forward to as soon as it ends each year.  My sister and I are tight and thousands of miles of separation has only strengthened our bond and desire to spend every millisecond possible together.

Enter sickness.  Stomach flu.  Trip postponed.  Re-plan for next week.  Next week comes.  Stomach flu still being passed around at my parent's place and now my little family battles severe allergies + colds while I battle sheer exhaustion.  Trip canceled entirely.  Words cannot express the deep dissapointement I feel.

Silver lining?  We made an unexpected trip to see Jason's parents!  And we had a great time with them.  Their home is full of unique items and family heirlooms.  Like this adorable blanket Korban wriggled around on during our stay.  Look at that gorgeous hand stitching!  Jason's Mom's aunt made this before dying of cancer.  That hand stitching suddenly becomes even more precious.
Ivory ate her little snack off this vintage disney tray. Ivory enjoyed lots of Nana snuggles and I enjoyed some special alone time with Nana as well.

Grandaddy took the kids out for lots of fun times in the sunshine.  Korban lights up when his grandaddy is around and talks, coos, and smiles for him.  Ivory enjoyed some morning snuggles with little man. She also spent time teaching him to play on the LeapPad.  She is an excellent little teacher with a very attentive pupil. Micah's bed during our stay.  Love this little tent!  So lightweight and folds up so easily and small. Unfortunately our allergies began acting up during our stay, Micah feeling it the worst.  See those pitiful little eyes?

We started some remodeling work while we were there.  This involved reorganizing furniture, buying + painting paint samples, taking all the pictures down and reorganizing them + creating + spray painting frame collages, lamp makeovers, and other miscellaneous jobs. The finished projects were not photographed.  But, they will be when we return to finish what we started!  Oh, and this spray paint handle is a MUST if you plan to do any amount of spray painting.   I <3 Yellow.

Ivory enjoyed chilling in a little space Nana made for her in Nana + Grandaddy's room.  She loves having her own quiet little place to retreat when she needs alone time.

Micah chilling in Nana's chair.

The boys.
We had a special time with Nana + Grandaddy and we're grateful for all their love and generosity toward us.  Love and miss ya'll!

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