Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 Month Check-Up

Korban -- our smiley little man.  He has rolled over twice from tummy to back.  He loves to talk, coo, smile + laugh.  He lights up when someone gives him attention, particularly his immediate family.  He enjoys snuggling mommy + laughing with daddy.  He still has a sensitive tummy so mommy's slightest deviation causes a grumbly tummy + one fussy little man.  He interacts some with his toys and enjoys being on his tummy more then any other position (besides being held, of course).  Korban + Micah playing peek-a-boo. That smile just melts mommy.  ev-er-y time.   So much fun watching these boys interact.  Love how happy Korban was for his doctor.  He laughed, smiled + cooed for him.

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