Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve

Jason has a bonfire on the beach every year with the teenagers.  This year was no exception.  And it included 4 Christmas trees = huge flames.  We had teenagers + other visitors in and out all day starting early Saturday morning starting with one and before heading out up to oh, 20?  We had fun playing with kids + kinect/x-box games.  A little crazy, but very fun. 
Micah is *very* into cell phones these days.  His calculator is his phone.  When he sees me get on the phone he grabs his "phone" and begins talking and talking and talking in his own little language laughing and all.  So funny.
Jade enjoying Ivory's princess binoculars.

Sadly, we couldn't be with daddy for New Years this year.  I decided to enjoy the night with a little relaxing, a little cutting out (sewing projects are piling up), and an early bed time...however the night didn't go quite as planned.  Ivory woke up around 10pm crying, afraid, hurting.  She complained of her right ear hurting really bad.  Poor baby.  Way to bring in the New Year with an ear ache.  After a little pain medication she sat up with mommy, watched a little TV, played on the touch pad, and finally, around midnight, crashed with me on Mommy + Daddy's bed (until Daddy came home).   Thankfully, she slept through the night.  Wish her brothers had gotten the memo.  Someone or something woke me every hour from midnight until 6am where I finally began dragging msyelf out of bed multiple times until giving up the fight at 7am.  Welcome to motherhood in 2012. 

While this definitely wasn't the most exciting way to bring in the New Year and while I wish I could have had a little more time for reflection, it really was perfect.  It reminded me of my calling and current mission--motherhood.  My mission field--my children.  What a ripe and beautiful field.  Something I had to remind myself of when all five of us had finally fallen asleep (Korban and I for maybe 10 minutes) until someone pounded on our front door.  And so I'm trying not be impatient and frustrated when all of us wake (except Micah).  And a few aren't in the most pleasant of moods.  But, then I'm reminded of how blessed we are to have the family we do, no matter how hard some days/weekends/weeks/months/years are. 

And then I read one a friend's facebook status: "Please pray for the Longstreet Family.  They were hit by a DD today on the way to church today and lost their 7 yr old little girl.  All 3 other kids are in ICU."

And my heart completely melts as inside I weep for this family.  A simple act of faith and dedication, driving to church.  And I'm grumbling about lost sleep?  Lord, thank You for perspective.  Please, oh please bring comfort, peace + healing to the Longstreet family.

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