Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyday Happenings

Now that we've been home for a while we've just enjoyed some chill time at home.  Which, of course, includes freshly ground wheat (spelt actually) chocolate chip pancakes.  Micah found them to be quite delish.
Korban has finally started enjoying the baby swing some.  Hooray!  Look at how big my baby is getting?  And quite the thumb sucker.  And moms-of-little-ones-who-don't-sleep-well-at-night don't hate me, but this little darling sleeps twelve hours at one time, nearly every night.  Yes, he's three months.  And yes, I know how spoiled I am.  And he's precious.  A good, sweet, smiley little man I call mine. 
Yesterday I enjoyed some play time with the boys while daddy and Ivory ran some errands and went on a date to the park.

When Ivory returned home she wanted us to build a fort and go to the "beach" (pretend).  Micah loved him some play time + story time in the fort.   
Fun with my sweeties!

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