Sunday, January 22, 2012

Date DAY

The plan was for my parents to follow me home.  Since Ivory + Micah were really good on the car ride south and Korban cried a lot and slept a very little I figured they could take the older two so they would be spared the crying.  Idea?  Mom and Dad could follow me a few days later with Ivory + Micah so Jason and I could spend some semi-alone time together.  Mom + Dad agreed, it took a little persuasion on Dad's part, but the prospect of an extended date easily persuaded him. 

Wednesday when we got home Korban laughed his first hard laugh due to daddy's silly antics. 

Jason worked ahead and took all day Thursday off.  We woke up slowly and enjoyed Korban smiles, went to breakfast, enjoyed time alone while Korban napped, rested, then headed out on a long date while Korban was babysat by some friends.

Chilling at Starbucks where I can get my soy caramel machiatto (the one caffiene drink that doesn't bother sweet baby).  We enjoyed our hot, over priced caffienated drinks while playing some card games.

After Starbucks we walked around the outdoor mall, perused some shops, then headed to dinner.

Waiting for our food at Red Robin.  Love that place! 
I'm so in love with this man.

I'm so grateful for the people in our life who make days like this one possible.  I love being married to this man and especially love quality alone time with him.  So, thanks to those who care for our kids so we can keep the ove alive.

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