Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm not usually one to jump into pulling down Christmas decorations quickly, but the day after Christmas I could hardly wait to begin!  I felt the need for space and for our wilting tree to go.

Ivory taking down the star with daddy.  Pa was working on our internet connection before he left.  He's great like that.

The day after Christmas my parents headed home. {sigh}  ...AND Ivory went with them!  First big trip to Grandma + Pa's on her own.  She *loved* it.  In fact, she barely spoke to us and didn't shed one tear for Mom + Dad.  I'm glad she did so well, am grateful for the break, but wouldn't have minded if she actually wanted to call home!  Jason went to Jacksonville to meet my parents and get Ivory.  Ivory was excited to go to Nana + Grandaddy's home and see her cousins Anna, Ella + Aiden.  They had a blast playing together.  When Ivory came home, well I've never seen Micah so excited.  Lots of high pitched laughter, squealing, wrestling, hugging, tickling, etc.  Precious.

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