Friday, November 25, 2011


This year's holidays are very different as we aren't traveling to see family.  Normally we spend Thanksgiving with my family in central Florida, but this year we invited Jasons' family to spend Thanksgiving with us in the panhandle.  Melissa and I spent Wednesday cooking side dishes to contribute to a big Thanksgiving meal at church we shared with church family and people in the community. 

We got to meet Mrs. Madge, a remarkable woman who joined our church in 1946.  Two sundays after visiting the church she joined the choir, she played piano for church for 31 years, and still works on a project every day in the nursing home.  So inspiring.  We also hung out with Randy (home from college), and the sweet deaf couple at our church Ken + Anne.  Ivory comes up to me, "Can I go talk to Mrs. Anne?"  Then she went and signed to her and Mr. Ken every sign she coudl think of.  So cute.

We met new friends from the community who joined us with their families or they came alone.  I'm so glad they had a place to come so they wouldn't have to spend the day alone without food.

The team of people who organized and served the dinner are such sweet, hard working servants.
Cutest turkey ever.

Mommy love. Micah + Uncle Matt

Micah + Aunt Mel Ivory + Anne + Korban

Micah + MikeMike

Serving line   Papa + Korban  -  Cassie + Ivory 
Lots of food and laughter.
Some of the sign team shared a few worship songs with us. 
Mariah (2nd from the left) shared a sweet testimony of thanksgiving for her salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
Ivory watching the sign team with her binoculars.

Stephen shared his testimony of thanksgiving, his main point being his gratefulness for salvation in Jesus Christ.  Brother Mike shared a word of encouragement and gave an invitation and prayer.
Micah Man was a little antsy during all this talking so we walked the back wall and played a little game of chase.
My sweet boy.  He has had so many clumsy accidents lately!  Poor baby.  He seems to fall several times a day every day.  At the Thanksgiving meal he tripped and fell under the table hitting the side of his face on the leg of the table as he went down.  So pitiful!  It's amazing he doesn't have a black eye. 

Last week he fell down a few steps, a few minutes later split his thumb open on the back porch door as it swung shut, then gets attacked by a duck at the park that flew through the air, bit through 3 layers of clothing and knocked him to the ground.  All within an hours time.  My poor little boy!  He's a champ.  One of those days you're tempted to find a life size safety bubble.

Check out his hand.  He figured out how to slip his hand in his pocket and was walking back and forth like a little man.  So cute.

We sent people home with cookies and the sweet plan of salvation in a tract.
The dishwashing that followed was the biggest mound of dishes + food to clean up I've ever encountered on Thanksgiving.  It was worth every bit of work and we had an excellent clean up crew. 

I'm grateful for the faith the pilgrims demonsrated in exploring a new land in search of religious freedom so we could spend the day praising and thanking God in celebration with our church family.

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