Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Squeeze

Brother-sister love squeeze.

Love how much they love each other.  They're love and excitement is hard to damper with discipline when they play together instead of falling asleep--our recent struggle.  We switched bedrooms and moved Micah into a big boy bed next to sister.  They've never slept in the same room before so playing together rather then falling asleep together is more what's happening then anything.  We heard them at 5:30AM one morning (they normally wake at 7 and the night before they didn't fall asleep until 10:30pm...2.5 hours after bedtime).  Micah had climbed up on sister's bed and was waking her up and playing with her.  Today, at nap time Ivory was calling for me.  Nana walked in to find Micah sitting next to her head patting her back to wake her up.  So cute.  So mischevious.  Well, Micah has finally fallen asleep so time to put Ivory to bed--the best technique for sleep (at night at least) for now.  We'll keep working on this!

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