Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everyday Happenings

Princess Ivory + Dino Micah.  Ivory loves dressing like a princess + going to the palace with daddy where they dance.  Micah loves scaring us with his dinosaur. 

At night we give him his elephant and yellow blankie.  He smiles and says, "Uff, uff!"  "You want your doggie?"  Big smile + giggle upon receiving said dog.  Micah smiles and says, "oo-oo-aaa-aaa?"  "You want your monkey?"  Big smile + giggle upon receiving red monkey.  Micah smiles and says, "Rowr!"  "You want your dinosaur?"  Big smile + giggle upon receiving blue dinosaur.  Then, he hugs them all tightly and tries laying down...on top of many stuffed animals he's practically sitting up...but oh so happy.  Adorable.
Today we went for a family walk where we enjoyed the brisk Autumn air.

Classic Florida: sweatshirt + shorts.

Korban loves being on his momma.  I put him in this carrier and he promptly konks out.  Don't mind the peanut butter crackers in my hand...I'm only a starving nursing mom.  Seriously, I feel ravenous 90% of the day.  So far I've only snuck a few middle of the night snacks, though.

The kids were SUPER whiny this morning.  The walk was a refreshing break from the whining...until we got home.  After a short stint of porch play time + tantrums (mostly tantrums) they both went inside for time outs.  Mainly just for their parents sanity.  The time outs worked wonders and they both came to lunch with fresh outlooks, and their parents with renewed sanity. 

Wild berries we found on our walk. 
Whispers of Christmas.  We are getting excited about Christmas--and so is Ivory.  She said she's excited about the presents and getting a Christmas tree.  Me too, Ivory!  But, Thanksgiving first.  It will be a very different holiday season for the Bennett family, but a good one that we're excited about!

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