Monday, November 21, 2011

Play Date + Art + Sunday Best

Life has been hectic, crazy, and exhuasting.  Korban is snuggly...very snuggly.  As in he wants to snuggle lots and lots and lots.  He enjoys being held...pretty much always.  If he's awake he's probably fussing...or soon will be.  Thank goodness he sleeps in his little moses basket well or I think our sanity would be questionable by now.  The kids still adore him and we love him dearly.  He's now 10lbs and 23inches.  He is our special blessing. 

One day last week we went for a fun play date at Addie's house that included face crayons, cuddles, toys, and cinnamon rolls.
Ivory's recent artwork: dinosaur.

Dressed in their Sunday best.  Micah was thrilled about having his picture taken...

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