Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life with Five

I planned originally to label this post "Life with Three"...but then realized that in perspective our children are only 3/5 of our family.  There are five with us.  All five us take time and energy and contribute highly to the make-up and workload of our family. 

FIVE.  In perspective that way, our house seems that much fuller.  I never anticiated that I'd be in a family of five at the age of 26.  But, as a I sit with Korban resting (finally not fussing) on my chest wide-eyed, listening to Ivory read the weather book on our futon and hear Micah kicking in his crib while we wait for Jason to come home from settling youth stuff I feel so content.  Life is full, crazy, wild, and at times highly discouraging, but God is so good.  His constant faithfulness, grace, and love is never failing.

Yesterday was my first go at mothering all three of my children on my own.  I was extremely apprehensive as the day approached.  The day passed, though, with minimal meltdowns, tantrums, and crying.  In fact, I actually enjoyed the day with my children + evening with my husband.  Jason was even brave enough to take ALL THREE children outside after work so I could enjoy some quite while cooking dinner.  He also took on Korban when he was fussing and unsettled in the middle of the night so I could sleep.  I told him I'd get up with him in a minute and take him in the living room so he could sleep and he said no he would.  "But, honey, you have to work in the morning!"  His reply?  "We both work.  You sleep."  Yes, I know he's amazing. 

Today I woke up tired.  In fact, while the kids were watching their morning show, and when I finally got Korban settled and asleep on my chest, I may have dozed in and out while Ivory begs, "Mommy, please don't sleep.  Please wake up."  I was nervous about having a short fuse and lacking energy to handle today.  But this morning went so well.  Then, I got a text from my friend, Sarah, asking how I'm doing and telling me she's been praying for me a lot this morning.  That's why.  Praise God for the prayers of his people.  I sure can feel them.

Re-enstating blanket time went relatively well...all things considered.  Micah only wandered off for a little while rummaging through dresser drawers, Korban only cried some of the time, and Ivory only had one meltdown.  Successful?  Sure. The kids enjoy playing on their little mats while we read our daily Bible story + practice our memory verse for the week.  This morning Micah even tried doing the motions with us--love it. Korban chilled on Mom's lap during Bible story time.
Two days in a row ALL THREE have slept at the same time during nap time.  Miraculous, yes.  Today I took advantage of that and slept with them for about an hour...until loud knocking at the door woke Ivory to shout, "Mom, the knocking woke me up!!" in a very distressed voice.  Thank you, Ivory.  But, I'm not complaining about my hour nap--heavenly.   I'll enjoy this napping overlap while it lasts!
And had to share this priceless photo of my two kiddos post-church.  Micah loves going to class like a big boy (so grateful for great preschool teachers willing to welcome Micah into their class so young!)...but doesn't just love wearing the crown he made and posing for a picture.  They learned about Queen Esther tonight, hence, the crowns.

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