Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's on Your Phone?

We went for a girl's afternoon with Cassie and while we waited for Cassie to complete some paperwork Ivory practiced her photography skills with my phone and posed for some pictures. Cassie ended up actually running into some complication and what was supposed to take 15 minutes turned into an hour and a half. I was SO PROUD of my little girl. We had no toys or entertianment to play with and she entertained herself quietly the entire time with such a cheerful attitude. The receptionist said she's the best behaved child she's ever seen and that her mommy is spoiled. I smiled and said thank you, she's showing off. =) Of course, my heart nearly burst with joy and pride after that comment.

Ivory's excellent photography skills captured this shot.

Love my little girl. Don't love that she daily tells me, "I want to get big! I need to grow up." Today she says, "When I go to college and graduate BoBo will ring the bell! I go to college and graduate." Mixed emotions about this coming from my 2-year-old.

I texted this picture to one of the teenagers and she texted me back with a copy of the exact same face in the exact same dress. Ironic.

One of the teens texted me this picture of Ivory in Sunday School.

Jason texted me this shot while he was watching the kids and giving me a day out with some girls. So cute.

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