Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kid Qwips

December 2010

Mommy tells Ivory not to do something. Ivory, “Turn around Mommy. Turn around.” Or another favorite reply, “Close your eyes, Mommy. Close your eyes.”

“Don’t say content Mommy, don’t say content.” In reference to Mommy telling Ivory not to ask for anything else and to practice being content.

January 2011

Ivory watching a video of her dad talking, “Dad, stop talking. Just stop talking.”

Ivory, “Don’t say dangit. I say dangit?” Ivory catching us on our bad habits…

Ivory, “I do it. I do it all by self.” Said about practically everything she does…except eating on her own when she’s perfectly capable.

Ivory and daddy laying down at bedtime. Ivory is playing with daddy’s hair, “Spicy hair. Hot and cold. Soft. Spicy hair. Frankincense.” Then moved on to talking about other things.

Ivory praying at bedtime mumbling so Jason can’t understand. Looks up when she’s finished and says, “Pray that Nana and Grandaddy be in big bed.” She’s ready for a visit from Nana & Grandaddy!

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