Friday, January 14, 2011

Craft Center

My incredible husband built me this craft center.  It's changed many times over these past few years--and that's what is so beautiful about it, so easy changed and adjusted to fit current needs.  I LOVE it.

For all those envious scrapbookers/sewers/etc., you too can have one of these amazing organizers! It's simple! Here's how:

1. Measure and purchase a piece of peg board the size you'd like (some stores will cut it to size or you can use a small handsaw or electric saw).

2. Buy small (abou 2x2) pieces of wood to make a frame all the way around the peg board and a few strips to go in the middle.

3. Paint the peg board and wood the desired color (I painted the front and back because otherwise the brown shows through).

4. Optional: glue strips of old carpet to the back of the wood strips (we didn't the first time and we not only peeled paint off the wall, but also the actual sheetrock paper--big mess. Some carpet stores have carpet scraps you can get for free...we found it in our church junk shed!).

5. Screw pegboard to the wood strips. You want a complete square of wood strips on the back and a few rows in the middle to screw your cans to (eliminates excessive holes in the wall).

6. Hold the frame against the wall and put one screw in each corner. If you find the studs and use long enough screws it will be plenty sturdy and you will only have 4 holes in your wall--easy to patch later if necessary.

7. Your pegboard frame is complete! For hanging and storing I cleaned and decorated old tin & paint cans with pretty scrapbook paper. I cleaned jars and we screwed the lids to the pegboard (be sure to do it through the strips of wood in the middle) for ribbon and buttons and such. I bought a pack of hooks in the hardware section designed for pegboard for scissors and other stuff. They hang through the pegboard perfectly since it's about 2 inches away from the wall. You can use all sorts of fun, recycable items to hang stuff from. I love recycling items!

Now you're station is ready for all crafty projects with less mess.

Thanks again, sweetheart--you're such an amazing husband.

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