Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fire Station Visit

Ivory sitting in the fire truck with daddy. She even got to turn on the lights.

Yes, she *loved* it.

Micah enjoyed watching from the stroller.

My Micah man.

His smile melts me.

Checking out the gear.

Oxygen tanks.

I have mixed emotions about seeing my little girl with this mask on. She was eating it all up.

I imagined this turning out a little more artistic.

Jason has been on a lot of calls since joining the fire department--and he's still giddy like a little boy about it. What is it about fire fighting and men? He is so sacrifical and I love watching his eyes light up when he rushes off to put out a fire. Of course, I say lots of prayers, and the first few times I could hardly go back to sleep, but now I sleep like a baby. He's in the best hands.

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