Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's A Wrap - Christmas 2010

Ivory and Micah Man wakin' up slow one morning in Grandma & Grandpa's 5th Wheel.

Enjoying Meet the Robinson's on Pa's big screen.

Ivory & Grandaddy playing with play dough.

Ivory "helping" Aunt Alison open her Christmas presents.

Ella & her dad (Uncle Shaun).

This sweet little man attached himself to grandaddy on this visit.

Anna modeling the skirt I made her. She immediately put it on and twirled. I think she liked it. =)

Squeezing in our car to go to Chik-fil-a & PetSmart while Nana & Grandaddy watched the boys (Micah 7 months & Aiden 2 months).

Uncle Matt fit as well as us girls fit in the backseat.

Ivory entertaining herself with her brother's Christmas gift. How come little brother's gifts are more exciting then your own?

Thre little girls enjoying the Chik-fil-A playground. Can I just take this moment to insert my loyal dedication and affection to Chik-fil-A?! Love their food, their staff, their facilities. The most family friendly fast food restaurant I've ever visited. Love. it.

Ella & Ivory.

Ivory Rae.


Ivory and Ella.




Ivory and daddy enjoying the fish at PetSmart--first visit awe.

The cats were also very entertaining. Have to say, cats living in those tiny quarters made me feel pretty sad.

Snakes & rodents--so exciting!

I pity the one who cleans the glass.

Cousin fun.


Dog grooming was also quite entertaining.

The guys graciously headed home with the kids and us girls stayed a few more hours to do some post Christmas shopping!

It was a full car for the guys on the ride home...a little too much brother love going on!

Us girls had fun on our shopping endeavor. Though, I was the only one who successfully found something to purchase. I finally found my perfect pair of boots! Pictures to come soon.

Melissa & I conspired together and found some clothes for Alison to try on--so fun. She was so embarassed. I'm glad she lives in Texas at the moment or she might be close enough to kill me when she sees I posted one of them...but, she's just too adorable in this pic not to post it!

The conspirators.

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