Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's on Your Phone?

Ivory's typical reaction to the camera these days:

Family trip to the park.

Visit to daddy's fire station.

Yes, she was just as excited as she looks...and then some.

Daddy turned the siren on & flashed the lights, too!
Cassie, she just *had* to wear her "birtday girl shirt from Cassie." "That from Cassie! Wear Cassie birtday girl shirt?"

My red hot fireman.

Picture, Mom, really?!

Blurred version of his excited face:

Micah likes to scooch on the bed until he can rest his head on my arm. Melts me.

Mom & Micah fun photo shoot. I wanted a nap...Micah wanted to be awake. We compromised.

Trying out different effects on my camera phone:


This new phone does some crazy stuff.

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Debra Eby said...

Micah Man is growing SO fast - make him slow down! It's like he's totally past newborn and looking like a little boy.