Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ivory loves wearing tutus.

She also loves drinking from / playing with her Minnie Mouse water bottle.

Ivory loves:
  • playing with her brother
  • aggravating her brother
  • "wrestling" with her brother
  • wrestling in general "westel! let's westel!"
  • hide 'n seek
  • sad--her favorite emotion to identify and imitate
  • talking (even in her sleep)
  • blue blankie
  • Elmo
  • people
  • outside
  • "go to office with daddy?"
  • silly bands (she is so spoiled by the teens)
  • doing the opposite of what we ask
  • making messes
  • skyping Cassie & Nina
  • talking on the phone--real or pretend
  • saying "For God" (John 3:16)...on her terms
  • singing ABCs & Jesus Love Me
  • singing in general
  • having mommy draw rockin robins in the bath tub
  • spiky hair (wet hair spiked in the tub)
  • going to Bobo's house
  • using toddler scissors
  • money (coins especially)
  • going to the bank = suckers
  • bossing. "Mommy, feed this one.  Mommy, sit down.  Mommy, lay down. This side, Mommy.  Stop singing, Mommy.  ..."
  • signing
  • counting
  • wearing her princess pajamas
  • messy eating
  • eating in general "I want sumthing.  Sumthing!"
  • saying, "I waaant __________" in an extremely whiny voice.  "Ivory, is that how we ask for something?"  "Pleeeease, _________" in a happy voice.
  • whining
  • laughing
  • working out with her carrots as weights
Ivory has an *incredible* memory...which is very frightening, really.  She repeats what she hears spoken in word or action--yes, be very careful what you do & say around my extremely impressionable 2-year-old, please.

She is definitely the poster child for "The Terrible Twos."  But, we love her to pieces and do have glimmers of hope mixed in with the featured terror show. =)  Here's to hoping Micah learns from Ivory what NOT to do...

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