Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lake Home Vacation Preview

We interrupt this vacation to bring you...a few pictures. Jason and I ran back into town for Wedesnday night church and left the kiddos with the amazing grandparents. So, I'm getting in a quick post + sewing while he preps for church and then I'll be heading over to church to lead my very amazing PINK team.

Micah and I expressing our excitement over Grandma + Grandpa's soon arrival.

Our GORGEOUS view::

The weather here = perfect. The lake has crystal clear water. The sand is so soft & white. We're in love.

Princess of the lake::

Crown made by Daddy. I love watching my husband be a dad to our children. He's such a great dad. Oh how I love him, let me count the ways...Nevermind, we don't have all night.

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