Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Minute Vacation

We were blessed with the miraculous provision of a last minute amazing vacation.  I should say more like blown away, amazed, incredible, overwhelmingly, gloriously blessed.  The timing was perfect.  And did I mention this vacation involved my husband and I sneaking away for 6 days.  Alone.  As in no kids along.  Don't get me wrong, we love our children, but this was an incredible treat.

We snuck away for our grand vacation. 

day one

I rode next to this hottie.  I kinda have this major crush on him.

We started at the top destination sight.  Haha.  Not we went over the wrong bridge.

Beautiful skyway bridge.  Not to be confused with the gorgeous St. Pete skyway bridge.  The view on that one is much more breathtaking and coastal.  But, I wouldn't trade our destination for anything.

The view from our hotel room. So much glorious sunshine.

Our ginomrous confmy bed.  I experienced room service for the first time (not the food kind...the kind where they MAKE your bed and change your linens and wash your cups and everything) and wondered why on earth I'd never done it before.  I felt awfully spoiled.  And slightly guilty about someone else cleaning my mess.  But, I figured vacations are for that kind of spoiling.  And I was sure to leave a thank you note for our wonderful maids.

Excited to be starting our getaway together!  Sadly, Jason got very ill upon our arrival and was laid up in bed for 6 hours.  Ugh.  What started as a minor headache progressively grew worse.  I was a little anxious to go exploring, but while he rested I took a relaxing, hot bath, painted my nails in piece, read, and relaxed.  While I enjoyed this rare treat, I felt bad he couldn't enjoy the time like I did.  Finally he began to feel normal again late, late in the evening so we decided to venture out so I could get some much needed dinner.  It was kind of fun to experience the city for the first time while most of it slept. 

day two

We had a great night's rest then woke up ready for a day of sunshine + exploration.  Oh, since I haven't mentioned it yet, our getaway was to the lovely Savannah.  Eek!  I've wanted to go there for so long!  We came across this sweet ride
and discovered our favorite restaurant: b. MATTHEW'S.  Where we returned every morning for the rest of our stay. 
Jason loved eating the same item every day (he's that kind of guy, he finds a favorite and orders it every time--though I was proud of him for trying something new, apple turkey sausage, and liking it!) and I loved trying something new each day.  Their coffee was UH-mazing.  Love their particular blend they have locally roasted + blended.  Delish with or without cream--and I'm a cream kind of girl.

After more-then-sufficient nourishment we set off on foot.  We found this great guidebook for a self-guided tour of historical sights.  We used that on and off during our visit.  Mostly, we were there to take our time, relax, enjoy what we wanted and when we wanted--no schedule, rush, or obligations.  That worked fabulously for us.

Did not know John Wesley was so influential in Savannah.   

One of the gorgeous downton historical theater's.  Totally missed seeing one of my absolute favorite musicals films showing there by just a few weeks.  Meet me there this Saturday, Debi?
This town has so many gorgeous parks every few blocks. 
Incredible buildings + homes everywhere you turn.

Gorgeous oak trees everywhere mixed in with palm trees. 

I belive this is St. Peter's Cathedral.  It was undergoing renovations during our stay.
Walking up to the cemetery. I love cemeteries.  I know that sounds creepy.  But no, I don't like visiting them at night or the creepy aspects of them.  I love how quiet + reflective they are.  Sure, they're a little sad, but there's so much history and beauty.
The awkward tourist photos:

Did I mention they have gorgeous oaks?  Don't worry, I'm sure I will another half a dozen times.  Can you tell I'm completely in love with this town?

Everywhere you look there's a new beauty, like this little lamp post.
Fountains, brick walkways, green green grass, azaleas, oak trees, ferns--so much eye candy.

I pretty much made up for the lack of pictures of the two of us in the past 4+ years of having kids in this six day trip.  Prepare yourself.  Not sure my husband did adequately...he's a great sport, though.
I love the attention to detail in this town--each doorway, gate, walkway, wall, pot, etc.

Peeking into the courtyard.  The girl who lived in the adjoining building may or may not have given me a dirty look when she walked up and saw me taking pictures...this kind of beauty is just screaming to be shared, though. So many gorgeous buildings.

The town boasts Savannah College of Art + Design.  They have a very large impact on this town.  We visited a shop that sells all things SCAD.  Art pieces created by SCAD students, alumin, and faculty.

This was our favorite piece of art seen all week.  It sort of reminds us of the art work our amazing friend Maggie does.  Different in many ways, but the use of texture, layering, and colors.  We still never spotted anything we love more then her + her sister Audrey's work.  They are pretty amazing in our book.

All the sunshine + walking gave us voracious appetites.  We stopped for hydration + salads at the Firefly cafe. Somone got a little tired of my camera happy self so he kidnapped the camera and gave me a little taste of my own medicine.  So many serious looks.  In my mind I smile more.  Just know if I look this serious I'm probably smiling on the inside and my face just forgot to listen.
Every flower seen reminded us of our little flower child.  So, of course I had to take a picture for her. Our view sitting at the cafe.  The camera doesn't come close to capturing how quaint it really is.

The day started off with so much beautiful sunshine, but soon faded into a gray haze of rain clouds.  We walked down by the river before the skies opened. Coffee in this town was amazing.  We enjoyed it to the fullest. 

Jason *loved* seeing the boats, especially the BIG boats.  This picture doesn't capture the size very well, but we weren't right on the river when it came by.

day three

This day continued with the gray, rainy haze.  We decided to do our best to embrace the weather and enjoy what we could amidst the raindrops.  Out came the umbrellas + sweaters.

And back to our favorite b. MATTHEWS for breakfast. Loving the chairs.

Open staircase through the raindrops--I love the details of this town. Yum x2.  Feast for my eyes + tummy.  I love this man.
More delish coffee!

Mirror at breakfast --> too much fun.  My inner teen coming out.

We did a little walking and a lot of resting on this rainy day.  A great vacation day in my book.  Especially since it all involved time with my sweetheart of nearly seven years. 

For a late lunch we ventured out to Soho South cafe.  The wait was pretty long and the service only so-so.  Jason's meal was kind of a bust for him (I liked it...but we have pretty different palates) but my food, well, let's just say I begin salivating every time I remember that grilled cheese sandwich with its incredibly unique, creamy, tasty, mix of cheeses paired with that creamy tomato bisque soup.  Yes, it's a really good thing this town involves so much walking or none of my clothes would have fit by the end of the trip!
I was so impressed by Jason's willingness to try out so many new little cafes + different foods.  A little challenging with a gluten allergy, but he was such a trooper.

After a restful afternoon we ventured back out for a visit to Outback.  After our lunch bust my man earned himself a big, juicy steak.  

Exploring our hotel a little on our way out:

Ready for a night out on the town!d I'm one of those girls who loves a reason to dress up.  I *loved* having a whole week's worth of reasons.  Namely, the man I was with. This is one of the best weeks I can ever remember having with my man.  He's so fun.

day four

This day proved to be another rainy one.  But, we decided to make the best of it and explore the little shops along Broughton street.  So after breakfast with the best date ever we headed out.

Love that my man will look in little shops with me.

I'm pretty cheap frugal so shopping in downtown Savannah is more of a browse and be inspired kind of experience then actually buying.  And there was definitely lots of inspiration.

Jason is great about finding something that fascinates him in nearly any place he goes.  I found myself fascinated with the chance to rest in the outdoors store he loved. 
Would have loved to be present for these shows.  Another vacation next week?  Haha.  I'm not that greedy.

Notice the sleeveless on day two?  It quickly turned to more-then-just-a-light-sweater weather within two days.  This chronic-overpacker didn't imagine it would change that drastically in temperature so was unprepared.  We ventured into Goodwill and found this absolute gem.  A wool GAP coat in excellent condition for $5.95.  Yes, please, thank you.  Love it. 

After a little shoppping we headed out for a little beach adventure. I loved our rainy view of so many beautiful houses. ...and then there's the random pirate.  Actually he's at the Pirate House, but I still found it pretty hilarious.

Exploring Tybee Island. It was a rather cold + gloomy beach day. We didn't stay long.  But, it was fun to see the beach for a few minutes. Then we enjoyed some greasy Five Guys.  Who doesn't love a little grease every once in a while?

A little more walking downtown, some coffee, and a stop at the park to rest and catch up with our little ones. Ivy + brick + hottie.

day five

Our last full day predicted a warm, sunny day.  We decided to walk the rest of the city all the way to Forsyth park (our hotel was at the opposite end).  First, of course, breakfast at our favorite.   Did I mention we even made friends with an adorable + sweet waitress?  She remembered us every time we came in.  Love it.

Memorials + such


Can't resist a picture with a bright red telephone booth! Another gorgeous mansion...that I can't remember its name. Forsyth Park fountain

We unknowingly booked our trip the best time of year.  Yay!

SCAD was hosting an International day complete with international food, booths, bands, and activites.

More coffee from the Sentient Bean.

Forsyth Park green filled with hula hoopers, football + soccer players, dogs, sun bathers, musicians, artists, and fights.  Yes, I saw my first real fight.  Can't say I mind having been sheltered from that my whole life.
Most of the visit was peacful and full of rest + sunshine.
Forsyth Park boats a very diverse cultures + people.
Hottie sighting.

Another lunch at the Firefly.
Their Greek Salad + tomato bisque is rather tasty. Just because it's hilarious to post the awkward photos sometimes. I don't think I'd ever grow tired of walking these quaint sidewalks.  Well, I probably would in the winter.  I'm definitely a fair weather kind of girl.

Love the variety of walkways.  Oyster shell sidewalk + iron gate lovin.

Our last night out called for lots of red lipstick + excessive sparkles. We took a sunset drive to the Starland district in search of Perc, the place that roasts the coffee 60 business in downtown Savannah uses.  The houses we saw along our drive.

And the beautiful oak lined drive.

Unfortunately, it was closed when we arrived.  But, we enjoyd our drive and just planned to go back the next day.  We parked and headed downtown for one last night out.

It as an ice cream for dinner kind of night.  I got gelato by the river.  Jason stood in line for some good old fashioned Leopold's Ice cream.  And who knew they'd have a gluten free ice cream menu!

We took one last walk down by the river.

Swoon-worthy man of mine.

World War II memorial.  The world split in two.

day six

While the ending of a vacation is always a little bittersweet, because of how wonderful + long this one was, I felt satisfied, grateful, content. 

Goodbye hotel + your beautiful view.
The last breakfast. 

We enjoyed worshipping with a local congregation and then we went in search of Perc.   We were in for a treat.  We met the owner who was roasting beans.  He explained how he made coffee and taught us more about coffee in one hour then I've known my whole life.  Best part--we came home with a bag so the vacation is now extended each morning.

And lest you begin to feel too sorry for my children--here's what they were up to while we were away.

This is how we left them:

I've mentioned before how amazing our parents are (both sides).  But, it's totally worth mentining again--our parents are AMAZING.  Jason's parents braved 6 days with 3 high energy children under the age of 5.  And they all got sick.  Yuk. 

But, they still managed to have a lot of fun and capture adorable pictures + even better memories.

Korban love.

Micah mischief.

I'm absolutely **dying** over this adorableness called Korban.  Grandaddy's little helpers.  Ivory was enthralled by Grandaddy's abundance of flowers.

Tire swing action.

This kid loves posing for pictures and is so darn photogenic...not that I'm a biased mother or anything.

Water play.

Thug life action.

Cuteness in action.

It's always fun to come home to such cheerful + adorable little greeters.  We are always showered with drawings, flowers, hugs, kisses, and i loves yous.

After catching up with the kids + grandparents we loaded up for the long ride home.  Maybe large sugary lollipops weren't the best way to start the car ride...(according to Micah the best part about them is sticking them to your cheek).  At least it didn't keep one of them from konking out mid drive.

Grateful for an amazing getaway.  Refreshed + rejuvenated to be a better mom + wife.

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