Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pink Princess

When Ivory first heard we were moving to Georgia I watched her countenance fall and her heart sigh.  Upon being told she may see snow and that she would get her very own bedroom painted pink she jumped up and exclaimed, "Thank you for moving just for me!"  While it hasn't always been that easy for our little girl to adjust to this move and there have been tears shed, she has adjusted very well.  And the pink bedroom has played a very big part in this process.  Due to the a surprise generous gift before Christmas we were able to decorate the kids bedrooms and surprise them with new rooms Christmas morning.  The boys room was only partially completed but Ivory's received a complete overhaul within a matter of days.  I still can't quite believe we pulled it off without even one all-nighter.

I am already not the best photographer and I have found it especially difficult to photograph bedrooms, so just believe me when I say it's even cuter in person. 

I still have some tweaking to do.  Like perhaps a few more throw pillows.  Obviously, the frames will not remain empty.  Just waiting for pictures to come in from the print company.  We will most likely eventually change out the light fixture.  Jason painted her bed frame and I found the perfect comforter at Target.

I forgot to take a before picture of Ivory's room, but it was basically just like the boys room, only a little smaller.

A princess must have special beds for her dollies. My grandfather built + painted the white crib for me when I was a little girl.  Jason and I built Ivory the Barbie canopy bed for Christmas last year.

Ivory is happy to finally have a safe place to display her porcelain doll from Pa away from her ball-throwing brothers.  Again, the picture frame will be filled soon.

A special hook on the back of her door to hold her special Ice Cream bag used to cart around art supplies + other goodies for during church.
An orderly little spot to store her jewelry.  Aunt Debi brought back this gorgeous little jewelry box from her cruise through Europe. 

Family photos and chocolate from her stocking.  And Ivory's room wouldn't be quite complete without flowers.  Anyone who knows Ivory well is aware of her love affair with flowers--so they were a must.
Ivory woke up Christmas morning in her new room absolutely ecstatic.  Most fun Christmas yet.

Princess approved.  


Melissa said...

Love the room! Ivory looks so big in the picture on her bed, but the consolation is her sweet blanket on her lap :) A hint that she is still a little girl! So glad to get this peek into your lives. I'm trying to post again, too, but you probably won't see much of our house until we're in one that is ours ;)

P.S. The ice cream bag. :*)

Darla said...

I love it, it looks amazing!

Veronica Martin said...

how precious!