Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family Portraits 2012

While we visited my parents at Thanksgiving my sister squeezed in some family portraits for us.

So grateful. I love her work. Amazing.  As always.

The love of my life.

Still makes me swoon.

Debi can always perfectly capture the personality of a person.

Ivory adores doing photo sessions with Aunt Debi and always gives her the best.

Love my sugar and spice.

Daddy's little boy.

His blue eyes melt me.

That tongue. Always sticking it out.

As good as we could get it with little man.

Until sister started making faces.

Then everything changed.

My personal *favorite.*


Some behind the scenes shots:

It's always good to bring Pa along--back-up.


Jessica Williams said...

These are beautiful!!! I love how she captured your family, so loving and peaceful (lol) and very "family unit" togetherness!

Jeena said...

LOVE these. Absolutely amazing :)